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Pickleball is a low-impact sport that is easy to learn and play at almost any age, this sport for life is regularly described as the fastest growing sport worldwide. Fun, social and friendly. The rules are simple and is easy for everyone to play.

Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a wiffle ball with round holes, over a net. The court size is approximately a third of the size of a tennis court, allowing players to get around the court much easier.

Cost: $10 per person, per session. All equipment is included.

We are a very social bunch, feel free to join us for coffee afterwards.

Some info to get you started on how to play Pickleball:

Basic play & rules

Pickleball basics - 16 minute first lesson

Pickleball scoring basics

Top 10 beginner mistakes - what to look out for

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